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Lehigh Valley Legends Basketball is making an impact on the court as well as in our community.

Through our nonprofit organization, The Lehigh Valley Legends Basketball
Foundation, we aspire to have a lifelong transformative impact on the lives of young athletes. Our mission is to provide young athletes in underserved communities in the Lehigh Valley with access to programs that allow them to experience the game of basketball in a positive and developmentally appropriate environment while providing opportunities to learn critical financial skills. We believe that focusing on improving financial literacy and participating in team sports builds important life skills that can have a significant impact on young athletes striving to reach their full potential.

Year-round Programs

Engage with our players as mentors. All of our programs are designed to teach the fundamentals of basketball, develop motor skills and team play, and build confidence.

Other Programs

Outside of our sports programming, we are committed to helping young people become financially responsible. We offer classes on basic financial literacy and money management, as well as access to mentors who can support them through the college application process. Our goal is to empower student-athletes with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful both on and off the court.

Lehigh Valley Legends Basketball is dedicated to providing a platform for underserved youth in the Lehigh Valley area to reach their goals, develop their skills, and become successful members of our community. We look forward to seeing these young athletes continue to make an impact through our organization for years to come.

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