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Empowering a new generation of young athletes in our community to compete at the highest level with integrity, strength and determination; giving them the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams, while instilling in them the value of serving and giving back to the community.
James Stewart Headshot:Lehigh Valley Legends

James Stewart:  Team Market Owner (TMO)

Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, James was raised by his single mother, who moved him to Brooklyn, New York at the age of five. Growing up with his mom and younger brother in Brooklyn, James had a strong love for family, sports and comics. A graduate of Edward R. Murrow High School, Class of 1987,James would go on to higher levels of education. He obtained an associate’s degree in accounting at Kingsborough Community College, before continuing on to Brooklyn in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in accounting with CPA qualifications.

While still in college, James was promoted to his first management position with RGIS Inventory Specialist a nationwide and international company at the age 22. He worked at RGIS part-time while continuing his education. James began a 20 year career in management where he held the position of area manager at RGIS. He also served as the Customer Service Manager at Edison Properties and Location Business Manager for Manhattan Mini-Storage.

A proud father of five, James moved his family from Brooklyn, New York to Northeast Pennsylvania in December of 1999. He continued his management career in New York City, while at the same time fulfilling his dreams of owning his own collectible store, which he opened in 2002. In 2004 James walked away from his management career, and in 2007 he opened a second collectible store front.

Later James would jump in with both feet to coaching his son James Jr who started to show real love and promise for the game of basketball. Although James had also become a fully licensed Insurance Producer in Pennsylvania and held an Insurance license in several states, his love for basketball continued to grow through coaching his son during James Jr.’s AAU and high school basketball career.

James always believed that young athletes should be given every opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing basketball beyond high school. He understood that not every young athlete is going to be a top college or NBA prospect. In 2019 at the height of the global pandemic, James and Kenric purchased a team Franchise from The Basketball League and formed the Lehigh Valley Legends, with the goal of giving young men an opportunity and a stage to showcase their talents while pursuing their dreams and serving their community.

Antwain D

Antawn Dobie:  Head Coach/Director of Player Development

Antawn Dobie grew up in Corona, Queens NY where he attended PS 92 and IS 61. In 1993, Antawn entered Msgr. McClancy High School where he excelled on the basketball court. In the classroom there were adjustments that needed to be made and Antawn took pride in doing what was needed. Antawn starred as the top player on the Freshman and JV team his first 2 years at McClancy. His junior season he played a role unfamiliar (6th man) but used it to challenge himself. Antawn’s senior year he was back in his star role on Varsity as he earned First Team CHSAA and selected All-City Brooklyn/Queens CHSAA. After graduating McClancy in “97”, Antawn went on to attend Solebury Prep School in New Hope, PA. There Antawn helped the school make history by winning their first 24 games of the season. Wins include St.Benedicts, St Anthony’s (Coach Bob Hurley), Long Island Lutheran etc. The team finished with a record of 26-4.  

In the Spring of 98 Antawn received a full D1 athletic scholarship to Long Island University, where he was named the LIU MVP in 1999-2000 and 2001-2002. Dobie left LIU as the 4th all-time leading scorer, 4th all-time assist leader and 3rd all-time in steals. Antawn played overseas during a successful 12 year professional career in France, Belgium, Argentina, Israel, Poland and Turkey and has received many honorary achievement awards on the collegiate and professional levels. Dobie was named Nike’s streetball Player of the Year 2010 and led Bingo’s All-Stars to the Nike Tournament of Champions crown.

Now as a retired Professional Antawn spends time with his family and close friends. While still attached to the sport, he pays the game forward by running his own AAU & SKILL DEVELOPMENT program ELITE ACADEMY in order to see young ambitious student athletes reach their goal. The goal of earning a scholarship to play college basketball.

Staff pic (Mub)

Mub:  Official Photographer/ Videographer 

Mub is a self-taught photographer, videographer, and editor. He is a first responder, avid sports fan, car fanatic & detailer, youth organization & children’s charity coordinator, student, and activist. You can view his previous work & projects on Instagram; @mubmedia.

Mub handles social media platforms, networking, marketing, and other work for various organizations, including the Lehigh Valley Legends organization and a former NFL athlete.

He is also a brand ambassador for Modern Ummah, Habits365, &

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